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VR 5.4.0b9 You may now put on your headset.

Discussion in '5.4 Beta' started by freekstorm, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. freekstorm


    Nov 11, 2010
    If there is no headset please don't display this message, don't throw errors in the log, and don't get upset. Some of us write code that works with or without the HMD plugged in :)

    OpenVR initialization failed. Ensure 'Virtual Reality Supported' is checked in Player Settings, and OpenVR is added to the list of Virtual Reality SDKs.
    SteamVR:CreateInstance() (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR.cs:75)
    SteamVR:get_instance() (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR.cs:44)
    SteamVR_Render:Update() (at Assets/SteamVR/Scripts/SteamVR_Render.cs:399)