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5.4.0b1 is available

Discussion in '5.4 Beta' started by Alex-Lian, Dec 23, 2015.

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  1. Alex-Lian



    First off, a little holiday surprise for you all. Here's beta 1!
    Unity is pretty much on vacation, so don't expect a lot of responses until the new year.

    Also, fair warning that beta 2 won't arrive until mid January at the earliest with the holidays going on and ramping back up in the new year.
    5.4 list of improvements and work:
    What is still in process that we'll probably land later:
    • Splash screen update/consistency work
    • VR Performance Optimization
    • Various other performance optimizations
    Also of note, system requirements:
    • Webplayer officially dropped
    • iOS will require 7.0 or higher (dropping 6.0)
    With no further ado, release notes are available here:

    Please remember to back up your projects before opening them in the beta build.

    Best Regards,

    Alex Lian
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.