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5.2 released today

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SaraCecilia, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. lodendsg


    Sep 1, 2012
    5.2 has some rough spots but on the upside it resolved a major problem we had with our VR project on Win 10 that had basically brought VR dev to a full stop; so glad to see that fix sooner than later; fortunately enough for us none of the issues with 5.2 release are bringing us to an all out stoop from moving forward though of course we are looking forward to the patch.
  2. radiantboy


    Nov 21, 2012
    What an amazing release!! It runs SUPER smooth on my PC all of a sudden - I am making a very large city that isnt particularly optimised. The asset store in a tab is genius and it works fast, everything seems really great. I could even bake my GI in a sane time, excellent work all round, this one is a joy to use with the new speed I am experiencing. Thank you very much Unity, 5.2 is great!
  3. Meceka


    Dec 23, 2013
    After updating unity to 5.2, all colliders became black instead of green. Now it's a headache to modify box/capsule colliders as they aren't visible. How can I revert that back to green?
  4. makeshiftwings


    May 28, 2011
    I don't see it in the known issues, but in the beta forums someone mentioned that you all are aware of the issue where items in the hierarchy rearrange themselves randomly upon exiting playmode if you have a mix of prefabs and non-prefabs in a scene. Is that going to be fixed soon? It's pretty annoying.
  5. radiantboy


    Nov 21, 2012
    I forgot to mention the new code editor is awesome too...I may not be flicking into a editplus anymore! A few of my shaders have broke somehow, and also some of my adventure creator triggers have died in the conversion, but overall it is a seriously impressive new release, it is still running super fast thankfully, enough for me to try notching up GI resolution (not noticed much difference yet but ive yet to compare 2 side by side).. now i may try the asset server again just in case someone has given that some love, db was always corrupted for me after a few commits.
  6. johnsteinberg


    Jan 12, 2015
    Unfortunately we cannot wait to see if our issues are going to be fixed in 5.2.1, we are about two weeks away from game complete. We are taking the time consuming task of rolling back to 5.1.3 :(
  7. EricBatut_ALG


    Dec 5, 2013
  8. SunnySunshine


    May 18, 2009
  9. RenderSystemStudio


    May 16, 2013

    When will be release patch for 5.2? Because I have really big bug with full screen mode. It not working properly and I cannot change resolution in game (after change , black screen, or game is only on half screen). I have only 3 days to release my app. It very big problem for me, I can't return to old version :-(
  10. Dunmord


    Aug 15, 2013
    I usually don't complain when Unity crashes once every now and then. But it has been a constant crash after crash in less than an hour. It's hard to work on anything because it crashes unexpectedly. And it's not for a particular case, it's all the time with random cases: Undo a change I did with a collider and it crashes; I change a parameter in mechanim, hit play and it crashes; I place a UI element and it crashes. What is going on?. I love 5.2 I just need it to not crash to be able to work. Thanks.
  11. mhussar


    Feb 22, 2014
    Can someone from Unity Please comment on the issue raised by SunnySunshine.
    This is a significant issue for us as well and is costing time, energy and money to address in our game.
    Please suggest work around or when we can expect fix.

    Thank you

  12. SunnySunshine


    May 18, 2009
  13. oglepole


    Jan 25, 2014
    This. Has anyone heard any news on if they are going to resolve the full screen issues/ratios? Right now its pretty much impossible to deploy a full screen game.
  14. mhussar


    Feb 22, 2014
  15. Jaimi


    Jan 10, 2009
    The first patch is out... But the release notes are in Japanese. Looks like it might be some good stuff, though.

    • iOS: iOS9 の App Slicing をサポート
    • iOS: iOS9 の On-Demand Resources(ODR)をサポート
    • Android: 一部のデバイスで Screen.dpi がより正確な値を返すよう改善
    • ダウンロードした Asset Store パッケージを解読するときのプログレスバーを追加
    • Graphics: ターゲットの未ップレベルとCubemap フェイスを指定できる CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget() のオーバーロードを追加
    • アトラス上のスプライトのグルーピングで ETC1 をベースとしたポリシーにするよう改善
    • iOS: iOS8 と iOS9 で追加された新しいフレームワークを Plugin Importer のインスペクターに追加
    • iOS: iPad の起動画面のサポートを追加
    • iOS: iOS 9.0 の Application Transport Security(ATS)を一時的に無効にするオプションを Player Settings に追加
    • iOS: Virtual ファイルシステムを介してアセットカタログ内の iOS9 データアセットへアクセスするのをサポート
    • Networking: 外部の NetworkManager で作成したクライアントオブジェクトを特定の NetworkManager で使用するために、StartClient() 使用の代わりとなる NetworkManager.UseExternalClient() 関数を追加。これは、カスタム NetworkConnection クラスを使用して NetworkManager で作成されたコネクションが必要でした。
    • VR: Oculus: 0.7 にアップグレード
    • iOS: 起動画面をスプラッシュ画像のプライマリー ソースとして使用するよう変更
    • (711225) - 2D : カスタムエディター内で Sprite フィールドを使用しているときにメモリリークを起こしていた問題を修正
    • (572545) - 2D: スプライトのピボットを(Infinity を含む)任意の値から(-100k から 100k までの)制限値へと変更
    • (722701) - Analytics: iOS で機内モードを OFF にした後にデータを送信するディスパッチャに問題が発生していたのを修正
    • (716159) - Android: リニアレンダリングを使用した構成のプロジェクトでガンマカラー空間レンダリングにフォールバックするときの問題を修正
    • (710244) - Android: ネイティブアクティビティを使用しているとき、Kitkat+ でステータスバーが表示されずタッチ位置のオフセットに問題が生じていたのを修正
    • (705138) - Android: スクリプトでネットワーク関連のものを呼びださなくても INTERNET パーミッションが付加されてしまう問題を修正
    • (678003) - Android: 180度回転させたときに、デバイスに作用するセンサー補償問題を修正
    • (none) - Android: GLES API レベルを調べるときにログにいくつか egl エラーが出力されていたのを削除するように修正
    • (717028) - Android: 低レベル プラグインを使用するときのパフォーマンスに関するリグレッションを修正
    • (708088) - Animation: シーンを保存したときにアニメーションウィンドウがまだ記録モードになっていた問題を修正
    • (718709) - API Updater: get_/set_ から始まるメソッドを持つ型があるとき、AssemblyUpdater がクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (679703) - Asset Loading: プロジェクトフォルダー外からインポートした拡張DLLを許可するよう修正
    • (719416) - AssetBundle: いくつかの AssetBundle で内部に同じ名前を持つために発生する問題を修正
    • (722104) - Bug Reporter: Windows 10 で email フィールドが保存されない問題を修正
    • (none) - D3D12: ComputeBuffer を使用したときにクラッシュする問題を修正
    • (none) - D3D: ネイティブのデスクトップ解像度を上げるときにレンダーの位置が壊れてしまう問題を修正
    • (715666) - D3D: デスクトップ解像度を上げるときにマウス座標が画面外にいかないよう修正
    • (713782) - Deployment Management: 非 development である OSX プレイヤーの起動時にクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (687656), (693423) - Editor: (画面いっぱいに表示する)フルスクリーンカメラが存在しない場合、ゲームビューに警告を表示するように変更
    • (none) - Editor: Windows で読み込み専用ファイルを移動させようとしたときに 'Access denied' エラーが発生してしまう問題を修正
    • (666743) - Editor: EditorWindow.GetWindow() の呼び出しが早過ぎるとエディターがクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (705555) - Editor: Mac で新規プロジェクトを開いたときに "Moving file failed" エラーダイアログが表示されるバグを修正
    • (719367) - Editor: リニアモードのときにシーンビューのオブジェクトを選択できないことがあった問題を修正
    • (725519) - Editor: Alphabetical Sort が有効でゲーム再生を終了するとクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (704016) - Editor: Import Settings で None に設定されたときに BlendShape の法線がインポートされない問題を修正
    • (701240) - Editor: 再生モード中にエディターを終了させたときに Quality Settings が正しく保存されるよう修正
    • (721563) - Editor: Unity 5 で Project ウィンドウが重くなっていた問題を修正
    • (722655) - GI: シーンのスナップショットを行うときに正しくアトラスのインデックスのオフセットが計算されるよう修正
    • (714050), (701937) - GI: プロジェクトを Unity 5.2 にアップグレードしたときに「GI ファイルが見つからない」とエラーが表示されていた問題を修正
    • (718263) - GI: GI 可視化ビューでリフレクションプローブを動かすときにクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (720748) - Graphics: レンダリング後に影響を与えない Light CommandBuffer からグローバルシェーダープロパティーの変更に関する問題を修正(5.2 のリグレッション)
    • (719494) - Graphics: GetNativeTextureID のリグレッションを修正
    • (689461) - IL2CPP: リフレクションを介してデフォルトパラメーターの値にアクセスするサポートを追加
    • (717904) - IL2CPP: T[] を IList にキャスト(BaseT は T の基底クラス)で正しく動作しなかった問題を修正
    • (702684) - IL2CPP: インストール先のパスに '#' が含まれていても il2cpp.exe が動作するよう修正
    • (714759) - IL2CPP: IPv6 アドレスで WebRequest が動作するように修正
    • (705898) - IL2CPP: JsonFX ライブラリで発生する "not implemented on non-abstract class" エラーが正しく発生するよう修正
    • (719084) - IL2CPP: unsigned integer から float の単項マイナス演算子に変換するときにエラーが発生し正しく変換されなかった問題を修正
    • (723439) - IL2CPP: ジェネリック インターフェースを継承した struct で正しい C++ コードを生成できるよう修正
    • (717058) - Il2CPP: 明示的にパッキングする構造の Marshal.OffsetOf の動作が正しくなるよう修正
    • (700792) - IL2CPP: Math.Round メソッドで正しく丸め込み(銀行丸め)が行えるよう修正
    • (661630), (690171) - IL2CPP: デフォルトコンストラクタついた属性を取得する CustomAttributeData.GetCustomAttributes を実装
    • (722375) - IL2CPP: 値が参照型のときに KeyValuePair の ToString メソッドで NullReferenceException が発生する問題を修正
    • (722433) - IL2CPP: Prevent a used block from being marked as dead during conversion if it is immediately after a try block with an explicit leave opcode.
    • (715013) - IL2CPP: TZ4NET アセンブリを使用したときに発生する "MissingMethodException: No constructor found for System.Resources.RuntimeResourceSet::.ctor(System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream)" を防ぐよう修正
    • (674706) - IL2CPP: GetCurrentProcess が動作するよう修正
    • (none) - IL2CPP: インストール先のパスに '#' の後に続いて半角スペースが含まれていても il2cpp.exe が動作するよう修正
    • (690171) - IL2CPP: il2cpp.exe の VTableBuilder.GetVirtualMethodTargetMethod 内でコード生成中に KeyNotFoundException が正しく発生するよう修正
    • (712470) - IL2CPP: FieldOffsetAttribute を付加した enum フィールドを使用しているときに正しく Marshal.OffsetOf が動作するよう修正
    • (712713) - IL2CPP: enum 配列に必要なメソッドが、確実に変換されるよう修正
    • (715965) - IL2CPP: ソケットエラーのアサートを修正
    • (712929) - IL2CPP: Epsilon の比較に関する問題を修正
    • (712553) - IL2CPP: 32 ビット デバイス上で 64 ビットのインタロックされた操作を使用するときのエラーを修正
    • (716138) - IL2CPP: ExplicitLayout の構造を固定に関する問題を修正
    • (721435) - IL2CPP: 間接的にマルチレベルのポインターを読み込むよう修正
    • (718696) - IL2CPP: unsafe なポインタを struct に割り当てていた問題を修正
    • (721329) - IL2CPP: 起動時の型の初期化の実行を減らすことによって、さまざまなパフォーマンス問題を解決
    • (676797) - IL2CPP: 常に false を返す IsTransparentProxy 呼び出しを実装
    • (710797), (705882) - IL2CPP: MonoBehavior や既にアセットとして保存されている ScriptableObject で GenericClass フィールドを使用している場合に、ストリッピングで T 型がストリップされてしまう問題を修正
    • (716991) - IL2CPP: 名前によるクラスの取得を高速化
    • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: IPv6 に関する実装を終えました。
    • (723961) - iOS: 特定のスプラッシュスクリーンが初期ビルド後に変更されたとき Append でリグレッションが発生していた問題を修正
    • (704992) - iOS: 終了文字が存在するときのパスのストリッピングに関する問題を修正
    • (707385) - iOS: 一行/複数行への切り替えでタッチスクリーンキーボードに発生していた問題を修正
    • (708549) - iOS: インスタンスの参照を維持していないときに WWW がクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (677907) - iOS: OpenGL ES と Siri を重ねあわせた時の相互運用に関する問題を修正
    • (none) - iOS: iOS 9 のサイド マルチタスキングに関する問題を修正。マルチタスキングは、ターゲット解像度がネイティブで、スクリプトによって上書きされていない場合のみ動作します。
    • (none) - iOS: Multitasking Snapshot の作成に関する問題を修正
    • (709943), (716625), (713488) - iOS: iOS 7 でバックグラウンドからリストアしたときに関する多くの問題を修正
    • (718387), (720698) - iOS: 最初のフォントが特定のフォントコレクションと、処理できずに OS によって識別される代替のフォントから読み込む場合のみシステムが iOS 9 でのダイナミックフォントをサポートするよう修正
    • (none) - iOS: いくつかのケース(ネットワークが利用不可など)で WWW がエラーをレポートしない問題を修正
    • (706367) - Lightmapping: ライトマップの UV 生成がプラットフォーム間で一致するように修正
    • (718896) - Mecanim: Animator が無効でもユーザーによって手動で更新が行われたときに StateMachineBehaviour の関数を呼び出せるよう修正
    • (717680) - Mecanim: Override Controller で使用するアニメーションを再インポートするときにクラッシュする問題を修正
    • (722058) - Mecanim: Override Controller に Animator Controller を設定せずに使用するとクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (none) - Mecanim: Animator でメモリリークが発生していた問題を修正
    • (719292) - Mecanim: 空のステートマシンへの Transition を作成するときに null 参照が発生する問題を修正
    • (713552) - Mecanim: 適切な Transition が Transition Inspector に表示されない問題を修正
    • (none) - Mecanim: 最初の評価(eval)で OnStateMachineEnter を持っているときにクラッシュしてしまう問題を修正
    • (719156) - Networking: シーンオブジェクトの NetworkTransform が同期されない問題を修正
    • (718027) - Networking: オブザーバーとして準備のできていないネットワークコネクションを追加するのを防ぐよう修正
    • (none) - OpenGL ES: テクスチャの 1x1 ミップレベルが missing だった問題を修正
    • (708698) - OpenGL: OSX スタンドアロンがクラッシュする問題を修正
    • (719654) - OpenGL: GLSL の精度修飾子を使用するときに発生していたシェーダーのコンパイルエラーを修正
    • (708072) - OpenGL: OpenGL をターゲットとしてコンパイルするときにシェーダーのコンパイラーがクラッシュしていた問題を修正
    • (624081) - Particles: オブジェクトが負のスケールへと反転し非表示状態になった後のパーティクル描画のバッチに関する問題を修正
    • (714872) - Particles: エディター上でエミッターを動かしながらパーティクルを Start Position から軌道に沿ってエミットするときの問題を修正
    • (none) - Physics2D: 2D コライダーのオフセットに 'Infinity' を指定できないように修正
    • (707400) - Physics2D: Rigidbody2D X/Y Constraints が時折、ワールドの起点に向かって移動していた点を修正
    • (713073) - Physics2D: 継続的衝突判定を行っている場合に trigger-contacts が早くレポートされていた点を修正
    • (721704) - Physics: SliderJoint2D の Motor Speed で 5.1.1p3 への下位互換性に関する問題を修正
    • (718787) - Plugins: エディターが「ネイティブプラグインが自身と衝突している」と誤った報告をする問題を修正
    • (716978) - Profiler: レンダリングの詳細統計情報に関する修正。Unity 5 から仕様が変更されたため、表示していた Draw Calls と Total Batches の統計情報が逆になっていました。
    • (699695) - Profiler: 手動でレンダリングしたとき、プロファイラーの統計に表示するよう修正
    • (704481) - Samsung TV: AudioImporter.ContainsSampleSettingsOverride に "Samsung TV" を渡したときに "Unknown Platform" エラーが発生してしまう問題を修正
    • (717774) - Samsung TV: 開発ビルドで不適切なセキュリティーに関するエラーがレポートされる問題を修正
    • (718017) - Samsung TV: 2013年の TV でテクスチャがうまく表示されない問題を修正
    • (none) - Scripting: GL.IssuePluginEvent(eventID) が非推奨に。
    • (724452) - Shaders: エディターにて、GrabPassにゲームビューのビューポートのオフセットが不足していた問題を修正
    • (716161) - Shaders: HLSL シェーダーのコンパイル時に SurfIN メンバーの x 成分を 1.0 にすることにより、x 成分 が 0 のときに floating point の除法で問題が生じていたのを修正
    • (none) - SpritePacker: ハッシュ生成にバグがあったせいで Sprite Packing が不規則に呼びだされていた問題を修正
    • (719252) - Tizen: Tizen プロジェクトの起動でクラッシュする問題を修正
    • (none) - Tizen: Tizen Store での認証エラーを修正
    • (none) - Tizen: ウィンドウハンドルを取得する API を実装
    • (none) - Tizen: エラーメッセージを改善
    • (719777) - UI: UI 要素で複数のマテリアル/サブメッシュを使用したときの関係性でクラッシュしていた問題を修正
    • (721345), (722086) - UI: ScrollRect 直下の子 View が引き起こしていた LayoutGroup のレイアウトコールバックを取得できない問題を修正
    • (684885) - UI: 新規シーンをロードしたときに Selectable(Image や Toggle)コンポーネントにおいてスプライトの参照保持に関する問題を修正。参照が新規シーンにない場合でも、メモリ上にスプライトが残り続けていました。
    • (204016) - UI: RawImage コンポーネントでも、頂点オフセットに関する僅かなエラーを修正した Image コンポーネントと同じ頂点生成コードを使用するよう修正
    • (716209) - Universal Windows Apps: WebcamTexture がクラッシュする問題を修正
    • (717274) - Universal Windows Apps: プラグイン処理を修正
    • (712699) - Universal Windows Apps: アプリケーションウィンドウをリサイズするときに正しくスプラッシュスクリーンがリサイズされるよう修正
    • (715960) - Version Control: バージョン管理で編集可能かのステータスをキャッシュされたものでチェックしないよう修正
    • (none) - VisualStudio: Unity から VisualStudio を開こうとするときにビジー状態である場合、VisualStudio が開けない事があった問題を修正
    • (711316) - VR: ポイントライト レンダリングの Deferred レンダラーに関する問題を修正
    • (722915), (723184) - VR: リニア ライティングのリグレッションと Windows でのアンチエイリアシングに関する問題を修正
    • (722122) - VR: GearVR: gles20 レンダリングでクラッシュする問題を修正
    • (none) - VR: 全体的な安定性を向上
    • (716227) - Windows Phone 10: タッチスクリーンキーボードが動作しない問題を修正
    • (none) - Windows Phone: WP8.1 で RuntimeInitializeOnLoad をサポート
    • (712688) - Windows Store Apps: アプリケーション ウィンドウが正しくアクティベートされた場合に独立した入力ソースが有効になるよう修正
    • (710903) - Windows Phone 8: プロジェクト名に空白スペースがあったときのビルドと実行に関する問題を修正
    • (720701) - Windows Store Apps: UnityEngine.Networking.dll にて無効な IL コードを修正
    • (none) - Windows Store Apps: UnityEngine.pdb ファイルを UnityEngine.dll に従ってインストールされるよう修正
    • (712019) - WSA/UWP: D3D11 で発生する MESSAGE_ID_SETPRIVATEDATA_CHANGINGPARAMS の警告を非表示にするよう変更
    • リニアカラー空間でシーンビューのオブジェクトを選択するのは、DX11 で 2x MSAA (quality: fantastic) では動きません。ワークアラウンドは、品質を "fantastic" 未満にすることです。これは将来的にパッチリリースで修正される予定です。
    • GI: キャッシュに必要なファイルがない場合、リアルタイム GI データの LightmapSnapshot.asset のロードは動作しません。そのような起こりえないアセットがマシン上で動作するのは、ライトのビルドのために使用することくらいです。

    また、インストーラーが正しくダウンロードできたかを確認するための md5sum とファイルサイズを下記に載せています。インストーラーや動作しなかったり、エラーが発生する場合は、インストーラーが不完全である可能性があります。
  16. rakkarage


    Feb 3, 2014
    english is right below

    • iOS: iOS9 app slicing support.
    • iOS: iOS9 on demand resource support.
    • Android: On some devices Screen.dpi returns more accurate values.
    • Editor: Added progress bar while decrypting downloaded Asset Store packages.
    • Graphics: Added overloads to CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget() to allow specifying a target mip level and cubemap face.
    • Improved ETC1 based policy for grouping of sprites on an atlas.
    • iOS: Added frameworks new in iOS 8.0 to 9.0 to the plugin importer UI.
    • iOS: Added support for iPad launch screens
    • iOS: Exposed option in Player Settings to temporary disable Application Transport Security checks in iOS 9.0.
    • iOS: Now support access to iOS9 data assets within asset catalogs via virtual filesystem.
    • Networking: Added NetworkManager.UseExternalClient() function that allows the NetworkManager to use a client object created externally to the NetworkManager instead of using StartClient(). This was required to use custom NetworkConnection classes with connections made by the NetworkManager.
    • VR: Oculus: Upgraded to 0.7 dependencies.
    • iOS: Use launch screens as primary source for splash images.
    • (711225) - 2D : Fixed memory leak when using Sprite object field in custom inspector.
    • (572545) - 2D: Clamp sprite pivot values (-100k to 100k) now instead of accepting any value (including infinity).
    • (722701) - Analytics: Fixed data dispatcher to send data after airplane mode is turned OFF on iOS.
    • (716159) - Android - Fixed fallback to Gamma color space rendering for projects that are configured to use linear rendering.
    • (710244) - Android - Fixed status bar not shown and touch offset on Kitkat+ when using native activity.
    • (705138) - Android: Fixed INTERNET permission on Android even if there are no network calls in the scripts.
    • (678003) - Android: Fixed sensor compensation issue affecting devices when rotated180 degrees.
    • (none) - Android: Removed some egl errors from the log when probing for GLES API level.
    • (717028) - Android: Fixed performance regression when using native rendering plugins.
    • (708088) - Animation: Fixed an issue whereby animation window was still recording when scene was saved.
    • (718709) - API Updater: Fixed crash in AssemblyUpdater when a type had methods with names starting with get_/set_ .
    • (679703) - Asset Loading: Now allow extension dlls to be imported outside of project folder.
    • (719416) - AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that sometimes several AssetBundles would have same internal name.
    • (722104) - Bug Reporter: Fixed email field not being saved on Windows 10.
    • (none) - D3D12: Fixed a crash when using compute buffers.
    • (none) - D3D: Fixed broken positioning of render when upscaling to native desktop resolution.
    • (715666) - D3D: Mouse coordinates no longer go out of bounds when upscaling to desktop resolution.
    • (713782) - Deployment Management: Fixed OSX non development players crash on startup.
    • (687656), (693423) - Editor: Added a printed warning to the gameview if there is no fullscreen camera present.
    • (none) - Editor: Fixed 'Access denied' error on Windows when trying to move readonly files.
    • (666743) - Editor: Fixed an issue where calling EditorWindow.GetWindow() too early could cause the editor to crash.
    • (705555) - Editor: Fixed A bug when opening new project threw "Moving file failed" dialog on Mac.
    • (719367) - Editor: Fixed scene view picking when in linear mode.
    • (725519) - Editor: Fixes crash when exiting play-mode with Alphabetical Sort enabled.
    • (704016) - Editor: Made sure blendShapes normals were not imported if None was set in Import Setting.
    • (701240) - Editor: Save correct quality settings when quitting Unity editor during the play mode.
    • (721563) - Editor: Slowdown in Project window with Unity 5.
    • (722655) - GI: Calculate atlas index offset correctly when snapshotting a scene.
    • (714050), (701937) - GI: Fixed the case where GI file not found errors were displayed when upgrading project to Unity 5.2.
    • (718263) - GI: Fixed a crash when moving reflections probes in GI visualisation views.
    • (720748) - Graphics: Fixed global shader property changes done from Light CommandBuffers not affecting later rendering (5.2 regression).
    • (719494) - Graphics: Fixed regression on GetNativeTextureID
    • (689461) - IL2CPP: Added support for access default parameter values via reflection.
    • (717904) - IL2CPP: Allow a cast of T[] to IList (where BaseT is a base class of T) to work correctly.
    • (702684) - IL2CPP: Allow il2cpp.exe to work if a '#' character is in the installation path.
    • (714759) - IL2CPP: Allow WebRequest to work with IPv6 addresses.
    • (705898) - IL2CPP: Corrected a code generation error with the JsonFX library with the error message: "not implemented on non-abstract class".
    • (719084) - IL2CPP: Corrected an error in the negation of a float converted from an unsigned integer.
    • (723439) - IL2CPP: Corrected C++ code generation when a struct inherits from a generic interface.
    • (717058) - Il2CPP: Corrected the behavior of Marshal.OffsetOf for structures with explicit packing.
    • (700792) - IL2CPP: Implemented the correct rounding behavior (banker's rounding) for the Math.Round method.
    • (661630), (690171) - IL2CPP: Implemented the CustomAttributeData.GetCustomAttributes methods for attributes with a default constructor.
    • (722375) - IL2CPP: Prevent a NullReferenceException exception from being thrown in the KeyValuePair ToString method when the value is a reference type.
    • (722433) - IL2CPP: Prevent a used block from being marked as dead during conversion if it is immediately after a try block with an explicit leave opcode.
    • (715013) - IL2CPP: Prevent the exception "MissingMethodException: No constructor found for System.Resources.RuntimeResourceSet::.ctor(System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream)" from occurring when the TZ4NET assembly is used.
    • (674706) - IL2CPP: Allow GetCurrentProcess to work.
    • (none) - IL2CPP: Allow il2cpp.exe to run when its installation path includes a '#' character followed by a space character.
    • (690171) - IL2CPP: Corrected a KeyNotFoundException during code generation in the VTableBuilder.GetVirtualMethodTargetMethod method of il2cpp.exe.
    • (712470) - IL2CPP: Corrected Marshal.OffsetOf when using enums fields with FieldOffsetAttribute
    • (712713) - IL2CPP: Ensure methods needed for enum arrays are converted.
    • (715965) - IL2CPP: Fixed assert on socket error.
    • (712929) - IL2CPP: Fixed comparison to Epsilon.
    • (712553) - IL2CPP: Fixed error when using 64-bit Interlocked operations on 32-bit devices.
    • (716138) - IL2CPP: Fixed pinning of structures with ExplicitLayout.
    • (721435) - IL2CPP: Fixed reading pointers with multiple levels of indirection.
    • (718696) - IL2CPP: Fixed unsafe pointer to struct assignment.
    • (721329) - IL2CPP: Fixed various performance issues by doing less type initialization at startup.
    • (676797) - IL2CPP: Implemented the IsTransparentProxy icall, which always returned false.
    • (710797), (705882) - IL2CPP: Prevent a type T from being stripping if it is used an GenericClass field in a MonoBehavior or ScriptableObject that is already being preserved.
    • (716991) - IL2CPP: Speed up retrieving classes by name.
    • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Completed the IPv6 implementation.
    • (723961) - iOS: Fixed append regression when certain splash screens are changed after initial build.
    • (704992) - iOS: Fixed path stripping when trailing characters are present
    • (707385) - iOS: Fixed touch screen keyboard when switching between single/multi line.
    • (708549) - iOS: Fixed WWW crash when not keeping reference to instance.
    • (677907) - iOS: Fixed interop of OpenGL ES and Siri overlay
    • (none) - iOS: Fixed iOS 9 side by side multitasking. It will work only if target resolution is native and it's not being overridden via script.
    • (none) - iOS: Fixed multitasking snapshot creation.
    • (709943), (716625), (713488) - iOS: Fixed numerous issues on iOS7 related to restoring app from background.
    • (718387), (720698) - iOS: Fixed system dynamic font support on iOS 9 where only the first font could be read from certain font collections and font substitutes, as identified by the OS, were not handled.
    • (none) - iOS: Fixed WWW not reporting error in some cases (like no networking available).
    • (706367) - Lightmapping: Fixed lightmap UV generation to be identical across platforms.
    • (718896) - Mecanim: Allow SMB function call even when Animator is disabled but updated manually by user.
    • (717680) - Mecanim: Fixed a crash when reimporting animations used in an overridecontroller.
    • (722058) - Mecanim: Fixed a crash when setting an Override Controller with no controller to override.
    • (none) - Mecanim: Fixed memory leak with Animator.
    • (719292) - Mecanim: Fixed null reference when creating transition to an empty state machine.
    • (713552) - Mecanim: Fixed Transition inspector not showing the proper transition.
    • (none) - Mecanim: Fixes crash when having an OnStateMachineEnter on first eval.
    • (719156) - Networking: Fixed scene objects with NetworkTransform not synching.
    • (718027) - Networking: Prevent adding network connections that are not ready as observers.
    • (none) - OpenGL ES: Fixed missing 1x1 mip levels in textures.
    • (708698) - OpenGL: Fixed OSX standalone crash
    • (719654) - OpenGL: Fixed shader compilation error when using GLSL precision qualifier.
    • (708072) - OpenGL: Fixed Unity shader compiler crash when compiling for OpenGL target.
    • (624081) - Particles: Fixed issue causing batched particles drawn after an object with negative scale to flip and become invisible.
    • (714872) - Particles: Fixed issue where moving emitters in the editor would cause them to emit their particles along a trajectory from their start position.
    • (none) - Physics2D: Ensure that 'Infinity' cannot be specified for 2D collider offset.
    • (707400) - Physics2D: Stop Rigidbody2D X/Y Constraints from occasionally moving the body to the world origin.
    • (713073) - Physics2D: Stop trigger-contacts being reported early when using continuous collision detection.
    • (721704) - Physics: Fixed SliderJoint2D motor-speed backwards compatibility prior to 5.1.1p3.
    • (718787) - Plugins: Editor would report incorrectly that native plugin is colliding with itself.
    • (716978) - Profiler: Fixed Rendering detailed stats. Stats for Draw Calls and Total Batches were previously swapped.
    • (699695) - Profiler: Show profiler statistics of manually rendered camera.
    • (704481) - Samsung TV: Fixed "Unknown Platform" error when passing "Samsung TV" to AudioImporter.ContainsSampleSettingsOverride.
    • (717774) - Samsung TV: Fixed issue where Development builds would inappropriately report security errors.
    • (718017) - Samsung TV: Fixed issue where some textures would not display properly on 2013 TVs.
    • (none) - Scripting: GL.IssuePluginEvent(eventID) is now obsolete.
    • (724452) - Shaders: Fixed GrabPass missing game view viewport offset in the editor.
    • (716161) - Shaders: HLSL shader compilation fIxed floating point division by zero by initialising x components of surfIN members to 1.0.
    • (none) - SpritePacker: Prevent Sprite Packing called randomly due to bug in hash Generation.
    • (719252) - Tizen: Fixed crashes on launch of Tizen projects.
    • (none) - Tizen: Fixed Tizen Store certification errors.
    • (none) - Tizen: Implemented an API to retrieve the window handle.
    • (none) - Tizen: Improvements to error messages.
    • (719777) - UI: Fixed crash related to using multiple materials / submeshes on UI elements.
    • (721345), (722086) - UI: Fixed ScrollRect causing immediate child view with LayoutGroup to not get layout callbacks.
    • (684885) - UI: Fixed issue where Selectables (image, toggle, etc) would hold a reference to a sprite when a new scene was loaded. This would lead to the sprite staying in memory even if the reference was not in the new scene.
    • (204016) - UI: RawImage component now uses the same vertex generation code as normal image components fixing a slight vertex offset error.
    • (716209) - Universal Windows Apps: Fixed crash in WebcamTexture.
    • (717274) - Universal Windows Apps: Fixed plugin processing.
    • (712699) - Universal Windows Apps: Splash screen is correctly resized with app window.
    • (715960) - Version Control: Do not use cached status for checking editability in VCS.
    • (none) - VisualStudio - Fixed a bug where VisualStudio could fail to open if it was busy while Unity was trying to open it.
    • (711316) - VR: Fixed point light rendering issue with deferred renderer.
    • (722915), (723184) - VR: Fixed regression with linear lighting and anti aliasing on windows.
    • (722122) - VR: GearVR: Fixed gles20 rendering crash.
    • (none) - VR: Overall stability improved.
    • (716227) - Windows Phone 10: Fixed an issue whereby the touchscreen keyboard was not working.
    • (none) - Windows Phone: Fixed RuntimeInitializeOnLoad to support WP8.1.
    • (712688) - Windows Store Apps: App window is correctly activated with independent input source enabled.
    • (710903) - Windows Phone 8: Fixed an issue with build and run for projects with spaces in their names.
    • (720701) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed invalid IL code in UnityEngine.Networking.dll.
    • (none) - Windows Store Apps: UnityEngine.pdb file is installed along UnityEngine.dll.
    Known Issues:
    • Scene view picking in linear color space does not work for DX11 in 2x MSAA (quality: fantastic). The workaround is to set quality to less than "fantastic". This issue will be fixed in a future patch release.
    • GI: Loading a LightmapSnapshot.asset with realtime GI data will not work if the cache doesn't have the needed files as well. It's then unlikely that such an asset will work on machines other than the one used for building the lighting.
    Choose the appropriate installer following the appropriate links at the top of this page.

    Also included below are the md5sum and file size in order to verify the full installers have been downloaded correctly. If your installer doesn’t work or reports errors it is possible that your installer is incomplete.
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  17. Gua


    Oct 29, 2012
    Unfortunately Unity 5.2p1 didn't solved bug introduced in Unity 5.2 with GameView. When I have two camera setup in forward mode and I have Image Effects on "foreground" camera. My game view looks is messed up. As soon as I switch to deffered or disable those image effects scripts, everything gets back to normal.

  18. movra


    Feb 16, 2013
  19. mmortall


    Dec 28, 2010
    When 5.2.1 will be available ?
  20. minhdaubu2


    Jun 10, 2014
    They said next week :D
  21. Ravel


    Nov 21, 2010
    Just so you'd know, full screen in 5.2 builds are broken!
    buggybuggy Unity 5.jpg
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  22. angel_m


    Nov 4, 2005
  23. Ravel


    Nov 21, 2010
    Fullscreen only works with 1920x1080 for me.
  24. julian-moschuering


    Apr 15, 2014
    So it seems that this bug was known prior to release. How could an issue that potentially breaks all desktop games not postpone the 5.2 release?

    We are currently thinking about reverting to Unity 5.1, which is alot of work for us as we use the new culling api alot.

    Can you estimate when the fix for this issue is released?
  25. angel_m


    Nov 4, 2005
    I think the premature release of 5.2 is an strategy to catch all the possible bugs with a more general testing by the users.
    But it seems there are major bugs not reported beforehand by the official testers...
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  26. Gokcan


    Aug 15, 2013
    When 5.2 was in beta, I though there were not enough people in the forum testing and reporting bugs. And now I see how bugy 5.2 is. I think unity should do much more internal tests!!!
  27. julian-moschuering


    Apr 15, 2014
    Resolution bug still present in 5.2.1...
  28. Games-Foundry


    May 19, 2011
    Current patch is 5.2.0p1. 5.2.1 isn't out yet AFAIK, which Unity have said contains the fix. Fingers crossed as this is affecting us too (albeit on the experimental opt in builds), but weirdly only on DX 9. Seems to work ok under DX11.
  29. sanpats


    Aug 24, 2011
    5.2.1 was out today, I am using it right now.
  30. Velo222


    Apr 29, 2012
  31. sanpats


    Aug 24, 2011
    I haven't had any problem with my project(2D with fix resolution) since 5.2 beta, but that's just me.
  32. Mr-Podunkian


    Jan 21, 2013
    This is still broken. I don't get how this is still a problem after two patch releases -- it's easily, 100% reproduceable, and affects any DX9 game that uses Unity's UI and allows users to change the screen resolution, which is compounded by the fact that a large number of screen resolution changes are going to occur as a RESULT of a UI interaction (display settings menu, for example), meaning it's not insane to think a lot of people are going to encounter this problem.
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  33. julian-moschuering


    Apr 15, 2014
    As this is not the only problem:

    * Mac/Linux builds failing
    * GUI rendering broken and leading to random unity crashes due to a conflict between new gui render buffer creation and postponed object deletion
    * GI eating some performance on non-GI projects as lights are hashed each frame

    we are moving back to 5.1.3 for now.
  34. angel_m


    Nov 4, 2005
    I stay on 5.1.3. I 'll wait for 5.2.2 keeping my fingers crossed. ;)
  35. Games-Foundry


    May 19, 2011
    Confirmed as not fixed in 5.2.1.

    Running DirectX 9 displays a black screen, spamming D3D9: attempt to lock null vertex buffer into the log.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015
  36. movra


    Feb 16, 2013
    I also don't understand how these obvious problems keep getting released unnoticed. It's so trivial to test. How do they pass both the automatic tests and the QA?

    Also, see here:
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  37. howdisney


    Jan 6, 2015
    Yeah. I've noticed some crazy weirdness over here too when image objects have a negative width or height value. Lots of weird artifacts.

  38. alpha151


    Aug 10, 2015
    speedtree still needs to be generated how can i solve this? install it all over again?
  39. Jaimi


    Jan 10, 2009
    You have to select each speedtree, and tell it to regenerate in the inspector. You can multi-select, so it's not too bad.
  40. alpha151


    Aug 10, 2015
    thanks bro it fixed by itself by closing it and opening it again lol but thanks anyways but i have a problem about how the unity updated and now one of my scripts wont work
  41. Alex-Lian



    Because it's a runtime player issue that can be patched. It's not stopping developers from working, though understandably stops from shipping. Things are always changing for runtime player releases and we view our patch process to be solid for addressing player problems. We have 25 platforms, so we can't stop for each and every thing. In this case, note that our stats also show DX9 as a fairly lower rate usage anyways (though still significant). So, we make the hard call if it's something that should hold the release....

    Again, we view this as developers should be able to work, but obviously impacts shipping. Part of this practicality comes from a number of our experience at big studios.

    Still being investigated, so no estimate.
  42. Alex-Lian



    Bug reports please?
  43. movra


    Feb 16, 2013
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  44. julian-moschuering


    Apr 15, 2014
    Bug affects DX11 too. Windows usage is pretty high.

    We are in contact with some of your developers already and these issues are reported fixed in a future version. Unfortunately we can not work without a stable standalone version for an unknown timespan so we moved back to 5.1.3.
  45. Alex-Lian



    Hm, the bug in question I was looking at was QA tested to be DX9. (Bug 722618)
    You're talking about a different bug. So, I guess I got wires crossed here. I assumed your response was in regard to what I was responding to in the first place.

    So without knowing which bug you're talking about - I can't offer any insight.
  46. Alex-Lian



  47. movra


    Feb 16, 2013
    I'm sorry if it's confusing, there are 3 or more related bugs referenced in that thread. Halfway the thread the user godsinmyroom shifts the focus to a bug concerning resizing the game during run-time (the mouse input position bug also re-appears). And that is I believe Mr. Podunkian's 722618. I have proven that that bug also exists on D3D11 even though it behaves a little differently.

    But even if we can't entirely agree about exactly which bugs we are talking, the fact that there are so many interwoven UI, input and resolution bugs just goes to show how hard it has been to ship games with Unity 5 on Windows in the past 4 or so months.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2015
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  48. zarzarkel


    Feb 25, 2015
    I installed the 5.2.1 version and wanted to try the TANKS! neltworking demo, buy it says that is no longer avaliable on the asset store! Why??
  49. TandT


    Apr 4, 2013
    Argh 5.2.1 broke nearly everything for us ???
    We are currently using 5.1.2
    but with xcode 7 and an error about bitcode is not enabled, i tried 5.2.1 today.

    -> Animation errors ... originally the animations worked perfectly fine ... now in some frames some bones are absolutely going mad
    -> editor performance gets absolutely destroyed .. when i wanted to stop the game at the moment the animations are gone wrong ... it is nearly impossible to do anything at all as the ui nearly freezes.
    -> Touch handling seems to have changed ... all objects are not longer touchable ?

    What is going on here ??
    And it is not even compiling but says bytestripper failes ... and cannot modify resources ?????
  50. movra


    Feb 16, 2013
    Note that there is a patch release for 5.2.1 today. I'm currently downloading it, but the release notes mention a lot of mecanim fixes and hey hey "(724093) - Direct3D 11: Changing resolution through script will not stretch the screen anymore".

    edit for 5.2.1p1:

    Still stretches screens and makes UI disappear when changing resolution in D3D11 full screen mode. It's so depressing...
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
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