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Feedback 3rd Person Unity Controller issue on CCD: StarterAssetsInputs (Input Asset Action) MISSING

Discussion in 'Unity Cloud Content Delivery' started by darashayda, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. darashayda


    Jun 27, 2020
    In our Anime RPG fully CCD loaded assets, we dared to place even the UI from Unity's amazing 3rd Person Starter Asset and immediately ran into a serious programming issue:

    StarterAssetsInputs (Input Asset Action) missing after downloading from CCD! While it is there in the Group that was loaded into the CCD Bucket.

    While I am sure there is a whiz-bang way of solving this issue, and I am not waiting for any Unity doc or staffer to tell me, simply add this one-liner:

    //You need to remeber always that game-object is also a script.
    //use only when downaloading from CCD
    GameObject.Find("UI_Buttons").GetComponent<StarterAssetsInputs.UICanvasControllerInput().starterAssetsInputs = Globals.mainplayer.GetComponent<StarterAssetsInputs.StarterAssetsInputs>();

    See attached screenshot.

    Wasted a week on this, the problem was to get the right C# declarations and names spaces and etc. And I know others having these programming issues, so let's hope knock them out so the CCD deployment will be even quicker.

    Kudos to the CCD team for even bring the UI download to this point. Imagine we can have multiple UI for the same assets and same game controllers ! And I mean completely different UI not just colors and UI Sprites.

    Similar situation is happening with Cinemachine, which I shall post into my post.


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