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Looking For Contributor 3D Walking-Sim "ChillTown" needs un-spaghettifying

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by vaidasja34, Oct 30, 2021.

  1. vaidasja34


    Jul 28, 2021
    Heyy, so,

    I've got an old spaghetti code salad of mine I need some help investigating. It's.. definitely a challenge and my a%# is sorta on fire with this one (game must be ready in 3-5 weeks).

    I made my first walking-sim on Windows platform with intention of researching it's use in creative writing lessons as my bachelor's degree project. Managed to cook fairly tasteful and functional spaghetti, you can test it out here:

    In the game, you play as a reporter in a dream-like randomly-generated town, take pictures and write stories.

    What I found problematic about programming this thing was:

    -The "everything's random" aspect
    -Text-to-speech system for broadcasting player's stories on TVs
    -Taking and saving screenshots, then putting them on screens around town
    -Grabbing things with raycasting
    -Joking about communism in names and comments of scripts. Why did I do that

    But it did work OK on PC somehow, surprisingly.

    HOWEVER then I tried and failed making a VR version and an Android version, both WITHOUT making a copy of original, functional project. Whoopsie indeed.

    Now I just recently realized that the game will be researched in classrooms where Android and IOS tablets are most common, so I absolutely must have versions of the game for these platforms, but the project at this point is a total VR/PC/Android salad and after returning to it after a couple of months, I doubt I'd even be able to salvage a functional PC version on my own.

    And that's where you come in, bro. With your expertise in Spaghettology and my knowledge of my own bad communism jokes, I'm sure we can microwave this stinky salad back into life and make our Android phones and Iphones eat it! Maybe make a VR version too while we're at it.

    Currently, main issues are:
    -Hundreds of sharing violations on path (Android and IOS)
    -Uncontrollable camera spinning (VR)

    DM me here or find me on Discord ( DuckT3a#0170 ) and I'll send ya ChillTown project files in their current VR/PC/Android spaghetti salad form.