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Games 3D Survival Roguelike

Discussion in 'Works In Progress - Archive' started by xPhrophet, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. xPhrophet


    Mar 23, 2015


    I'm a 3D artist and decided to get into programming. Originally this was supposed to be a survival crafting game but made the typical mistake of making it too complex for a first project.

    It has a day and night cycle, a solar charger that you can upgrade by adding batteries for capacity. In the morning the spotlights would turn on and run out of energy halfway through the night. Instead of zombies it was demons and occult, eventually you would have to survive in Hell once finding the portal.

    The AI pursues the player and investigate last place seen if he turns a corner but it broke when I decided to switch over to Behaviour Designer and could never get the logic to work properly under that format.

    Fresh food rots once pickup up if not crafted into jars, player can get food poisoning and the effect stacks. I experimented with placeable blocks that could be rotated into place, and torches that can be placed onto walls that will eventually burn themselves out. At night enemies only spawn at darkness, making fuel a vital resource also so you can actually see in an otherwise pitch black environment as the interact system turns off for most things.

    Campfires would burn themselves out if not fed, though amusingly enemies that traveled over the flames would also be consumed.

    Once I realized how long it takes to model a home that has both an interior and exterior, it became clear that things needed to be dialed back.

    7 Days to Die was my main inspiration, as a few things I didn't like was how fast you speed through buildings, looting and ransacking the place, and instead wanted to make it like a puzzle; A garage could only be accessed by finding the remote and combining with charged batteries, some doors would need a source of power to be opened, on finding a key you would have to figure out what lock it goes into later on, and an elevator that needed a keycard to unlock each new floor. This would reduce the total number of 3D assets required.

    With food freshness affecting the value and increasing the possibility of food poisoning, hunger would always be an issue. The player makes a temporary bases in the homes that they take shelter in at night. it wouldn't be possible to stockpile massive quantities of resources. Walking around at night time results in freezing to death.

    A lot of these features actually got implemented but I made too many mistakes in structuring the code that it became unfun to work on but did end up learning a lot. It took two months

    I started development of a 3rd person mech game exploring some of the same roguelike mechanics. Pickup weapons, find rare upgrades, return to areas later once you can get past the puzzle. Ammo and health is scarce, equipment degrades on use. Drops and enemies are randomized. The primary goal will be to finish it and make a playable demo available.
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