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3D Platformer Starter Pack - Game ready assets to build your platformer!

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by SertaX, Jan 30, 2021.

  1. SertaX


    Jan 2, 2019
    -- Platformer Starter Pack --


    Complete Platformer Starter Pack enhanced with 3D game ready assets, interactive platforms, interactive elements like healths and golds, basic AI enemies, character controller, shaders and texture. The assets and the platforms are full modular and customizable so that you can also integrate it in your projects. The assets can be used with mobile games but not the character controller yet. We will work on it!

    Or read the Documentation!​

    In the package there is an exemple scene with a basic design where you can test all the assets included. You can find the documentation that explain every single element of the package, also how to begin with it.

    -- 3D Assets --

    Walls And floors

    You can find 3D Platforms of different shapes made with top and wall that you can scale and move.

    Nature Decorations

    You can find low poly 3D game ready asset as rocks, Trees, grass, flowers and mushrooms

    3D Characters

    You will find three 3D rigged characters, one as the main and two for the AI enemies. The character are rigged and game ready but the animations are not included. You just need to import the Standard Assets Unity package or your custom animations.

    assets_breakdown.jpg enemies.jpg player.jpg

    -- Interactive Elements--

    Animated Floating Platforms

    These platforms are created to fall when the player triggers them.

    Anchor Platforms

    These Platforms move from one point to another (you can set as many points as you want). Ping Pong functions is viable to!

    Spiral Anchor Platform

    This spiral anchor platform moves from one point to another following a spiral pattern. Ping Pong is viable to!


    You can find a leverage that triggers all the available platforms in this package when the player triggers them and the user press a given button. (More info on the documentation)

    Deadly assets

    This asset automatic can kill the player if he trigger it.


    Two different bridges, one that rotate when the player triggers it and another suspended bridge with wooden boads that fall when the player goes on.

    Ladder / Rope

    These assets allow you to reach higher points of the level.


    Stylized portal with a custom shader that you can customize with your textures and color.

    -- Scripts--

    Character and Camera

    The character has it's own character controller and a camera controller that rotates and moves with mouse and keyboard.

    Enemies AI

    The AI Enemies are controlled with scriptable objects and a finite state machine. The enemies can change their behaviour if they meet the player.

    Interactive Elements

    The interactive elements are controlled with their own scripts and interacts with the player.

    Go to the Asset Store!
    We hope to hear your feedback!​
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2021