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3D art generalist looking for work

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by Pjotrh96, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. Pjotrh96


    Nov 23, 2016
    My name is Pjotr Heinkens, I'm an experienced 3d artist I work in my own game development studio stoically named Buckethead entertainment. I'm also looking for extra freelance opretunneties to expand my knowledge and skills, and of course to make a little extra money so I can keep paying the bills and fund future projects.

    Types of job's I'm looking for and can do for you
    As the title states, I'm somewhat of a generalist when it comes to 3d, I'm well versed in producing;
    - game ready characters
    - props
    - set-pieces
    building environments

    My personal preference lays with characters and set pieces, but I'm always looking for something new to tryout.

    In general I'm only available for freelance job's that have relatively quick completion times. Having said that, if the job is interesting and well planned out, then I'm also available for part time work on the long term.

    My skillset
    I touched on it a bit already, but for clarity's sake, I'm a generalist who is comfortable pushing polys for all sorts of purposes.

    But to extrapolate a bit, I have good knowledge of box modeling, perfect for your classic low poly models and is very quick to produce. I'm also an avid digital sculptor, which plugs in well with well known stylized art-styles like Overwatch has, or for realistic pbr models. It kind of goes without saying,
    but I can also texture and rig 3d models.

    I think that sums up my modeling skills quite nicely, finally I'd just like to add that I am also a designer. I would prefer working off of you're designs and represent them in 3d, but If necessary I can also draw up concept art for more complicated projects, concept art is also very useful for validating that you and me are on the same page before we commit to anything big.

    My portfolio materials can be found right here: (VertVault is my asset store alias)

    If you're not quite sure yet about my services, have any questions or inquiries or would like to hire me for a job feel free to send me a message here;

    Thank you for reading and you're considerations, I hope to hear from you soon.