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Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by markappsoft, Oct 15, 2021.

  1. markappsoft


    Oct 14, 2021
    LGT Venture LLC. gives new hires the opportunity to grow with the organization. Our focus is to start a new brand for slot Gaming.

    Animators take the objects created by 2D and 3D artists and breathe life into them by making them move. ... They work in a way that makes the best use of the game engine's technology and maximizes the opportunities for gameplay and interactivity.


    • 5+ years of animation experience in the industry

    • Broad knowledge of game animation spans across all parts of the development

    • Experience with stylized keyframe animation and an understanding of cartoon animation

    • Ability to take direction

    • Self-motivation, curiosity, and an interest in expanding your skills

    • Excellent communication skills, time management, and work discipline

    • Experience with Maya

    • Experience in game development animating characters

    • Strong skills in animating humanoid bipeds, quadrupeds, and other creatures

    • Strong skills with animation workflows

    • Strong understanding of rigging
    • Excellent design and compositional skills

    • Ability to self-manage time with a reasonable degree of accountability and minimal instruction

    • A great team player attitude
    • Create both stylized and realistic animations
    • Understand production pipelines with a focus on Animation

    • Interpret artistic direction with ease

    • Maintain the production schedule and communicate any deadline concerns

    • Problem - solve creative challenges on the fly

    • Work closely with Lead Artist to produce high-quality 3D animations in an iterative process
    • Maintain excellent file structure and organization

    • Able to filter and evaluate criticism on a professional level

    • Continually sharpen 3D artistic abilities and software expertise through company training, independent learning, and learning from other teams You have an ability to model both organic and hard-surface

    • You have experience with Unity

    • You have experience rendering with VRay or equivalent

    • You have an understanding of color theory and lighting

    • You have experience with Substance painters

    • You have compositing experience using After Effects or equivalent
    • You have a foundation in the traditional arts

    • You love to solve problems and you love to collaborate. Creating entertainment experiences is a team effort and you thrive when exploring ideas and working with others

    • You love games, movies, animation, and you love dissecting them while thinking about how to take them to the next level

    • Must be located near to Dallas, TX
    Dallas, TX, USA

    Thank you,

    Mark Pointer
    Project Manager/Designer, Appsoft Development Inc.
    LGT Ventures LLC.