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3D and 2D Graphics Artist / Games designer for Collaboration or Indie Startup.

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by ChaosDawgGames, Nov 4, 2023.

  1. ChaosDawgGames


    Dec 19, 2020

    I am proficient in Blender, Gimp II, Inkscape and FireAlpaca. I also have experience using Adobe packages, but I cannot justify the cost of using these platfroms based on current income.

    I have some experience creating graphics for mobile games as well as level design and game concept design.

    I am looking to collaborate with a good programmer who wants to create Indie games for mobile or PC/Games machine. I have tried working for games testing companies before - where games get shelved or promoted based on short term ad revenue - following trends rather than making them. I don't want to do that again.

    I want to work with someone who creates an idea they are passionate about and develops it atleast to a playable level before giving up on a concept. Ofter it requires re-iteration, redesign etc, that's fine - but someone who trusts in their gut that a game is good even if it doesn't fit with the latest trend.

    I would ultimately like to create a small indie company producing games for various markets / platforms. Please note we would be working unpaid until our first game begins making profit but a contract will be drawn up from the start to manage development of the start up. Alternatively, I would also like to join any existing startups if you feel I match your games developing team.

    Thank you for taking time to read this,