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2D Swing Ropes

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by DarkNeo, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. DarkNeo


    Apr 27, 2014
    So what does everyone use for ropes in a game? I am working on a little 2D Platformer and the swinging ropes thing is like the worst thing in the world.

    I was just wondering if anyone has anything they would recommend for a swinging style rope that a player can grab onto and climb.

    Currently I have my character with a Box Collider 2D, RigidBody 2D and a bunch of scripts

    My Swing rope has a Box Collider 2D, RigidBody 2D & Hinge Joint 2D attached.

    I have tried many different approaches and my current scene set up I basically have my character finally swinging except for some reason the characters scale changes when you reach the top/jump off.

    If anyone could recommend something that would be great, I can always try and send the scene too if someone really wants to look at it.

    EDIT: I have created another post in the 2D Section I probably should have posted it to that section first.. If an Admin wants to delete this post that will be cool.

    2D Section Post:


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