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Looking For Contributor 2D Side-Scrolling Rhythm Shooter - Need All Talents!

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by gamedevtb, Jun 27, 2023.

  1. gamedevtb


    May 23, 2023
    Hi everyone!


    My name is Tyler, and I'm fairly new to game development. Don't let that scare you off, though. I am a highly competent technical professional, particularly in the realm of IT and Cybersecurity, and I've had the privilege to lead several teams in various diverse environments on projects of high complexity. I hold several industry certifications relevant to my field, and you can rest assured that I am as committed to continuing my education and finishing projects as anyone else who is really good at their job :). If it's worth anything to you, I have published at least one title on Itch.IO, so I'm not completely clueless as to how the process works (but there is always more to learn!). Here's a link to my first (and so far only game), Ping Pong Hat Tourney:

    Like I said, I'm still pretty new to gamedev, but want to move out of being a "dreamer" and move into being more of a "do-er", with the issue being that I can't possibly do all of the work on my own and put out a quality product. I simply don't have the time.

    The Product
    That's where you talented people come in! I am currently looking to put together a small team of volunteers who are willing to come together to get a great product prototype (or ideally a demo!) put together. The idea that is currently being fleshed out (and committed on) is a 2D Side-Scrolling Rhythm Shooter, set in a near-future cyberpunk/neo-Tokyo world, where the player is taken on a revenge plot against his old boss after a hit job goes awry. The kind of music that players will be slaughtering their way through will consist heavily of Cyberpunk, Darkwave, Darksynth, and even a touch of Phonk influences. Here's a spotify playlist to get sort of a taste of the aesthetic we would be going for:

    The initial target platform will be PC (Steam and maybe Epic, specifically), with hopes to port over to the console side of things. Mostly the big three: PS5, Xbox/Gamepass/ and Switch. Support for Steam Deck is not anticipated at this time. Like I said though, PC is the biggest target right now and will be where 99% of the effort is placed.

    The Need
    So, all that said, here's what I need:

    At least one Unity Developer, maximum two
    At least one Pixel Artist, maximum three
    One UI/UX Designer (Not mandatory, just a plus for now)
    One audio engineer/musician (Preferred, will only need for one or two tracks to start)

    My Role:

    I will be overseeing the project, but also contributing on the programming end. I'm not a developer by trade but I picked up a lot of the fundamentals and some more advanced concepts while working on Ping Pong Hat Tourney. I will also be functioning as the game designer. So, the work should be spread out relatively equally.

    The Plan:

    Like I said earlier, I am wanting to only get either a workable, investor-ready prototype or a playable demo. From there, I will take hold of the reins on the business side of things. I am looking to incorporate and seek funding so that we can get some great talent, but only after we have the basic prototype/demo at the ready. All volunteers who stick it out to this point will be offered a position, fully WFH, if incorporation succeeds and funding is secured. I am currently expecting 18 months for development time. Assuming the project gets funded, and would like to see a prototype/demo in three months.

    The Assets:

    I do work a full time job as a cybersecurity engineer. For where I live, I am relatively well-paid. What does this mean for you? It simply means that I have the resources to get you what you need in terms of software - both profession specific and on a needs-based basis, so long as the cost can be justified. I will be fronting the costs for all infrastructure needed, as well, and will almost certainly not have to ask you as contributors for any money. Your expertise is the real value that you provide. Currently, I have a very primitive game design document written and ready to work from. It is primitive by design to allow for you individual contributors to provide input and do what you do best: be creative!

    I hope this answers all of your questions. The official means of communication for now is Discord. Please feel free to PM me at username: bohemianraptorsy

    If you are an artist, please have a portfolio ready. Your portfolio assets will not under any circumstances ever be used by me without your express, written permission

    If you are a programmer, please have a github or examples of past work at the ready. Just like with the artists, I will not under any circumstances ever use any of your github code or any of your other assets that you present to me or otherwise found without your express, written permission.

    I hope to hear from y'all soon, stay safe, and I look forward to collaborating with you!



    PS: Had to make an edit. Looking for 18 months dev time, not 8 lol. Sorry for any misconceptions!