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2D question

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Grunt82, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Grunt82


    Jul 25, 2015
    hello first of all i want to point out im a complete newbie to anything, if you talk about scripting i've never made a hello world or calculator script (i believe there the typical newbie starter scripts) and have about as much experience in anything else im probably going to need. what i do have however is a desire to learn although only to the extent to make the game which is in my head otherwise i know i'll lose interest, if i cant see the point or clearly see where learning stuff gets me i wont learn it basically i just want to make this one game and probably never touch anything like this again. lastly im a hobbyist with lots and lots of time on my hands, time really isn't an issue.

    my question is this. im wanting to create a 2D game from a top down perspective, there will be no animations needed your primarily going to be looking at a huge scrollable map of a city where clicking on different locations will bring up a different screen. the meat of the game will be all about performing actions on this screen, again nothing animated its all % based chance your just clicking one of several buttons that tells the virtual you to do something and depending on what items you have etc your chances of doing it successfully increase or decrease, there will also be various levels of success or failure but i think im going into to much detail for the question now

    im aware 2D was only fairly recently introduced to unity in 4.x so is this something that will a, be possible in unity and b, best made in unity given my experience level

    preferably id rather not learn more things than is needed, sorry for my rather long winded question
  2. Schneider21


    Feb 6, 2014
    A) Yes, the game you've described is perfectly possible and well suited to Unity.

    B) That's a tougher question to answer, only because of how you stated you're not really interested in learning anything other than what's needed for creating your game idea.

    Dozens of people every day ask questions here who are in a similar boat as you: they have no experience or development knowledge and want to make this great game they've envisioned. And the advice is always the same, for good reason: Start basic and work your way up.

    Go through the tutorials at and make something -- anything -- first. Get the hang of the IDE and learn some scripting.

    You say you won't stay interested if what you're learning isn't directly related to your game idea, but I promise you that you'll lose interest even faster as you stare at a blank screen for hours on end feeling overwhelmed with where to even begin, or wrestling with objects and interfaces you don't remotely understand.

    Think of it like sex: you need to practice first with a few well-worn throw always before you can really go after your dream. You'll be much happier once you know what you're doing, and the only way to do that is through lots of practice.

    If you can't commit to that, you'll never finish a game.
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  3. tedthebug


    May 6, 2015
    If you're just starting & only want to make your dream game with no knowledge or understanding you will likely never finish it as you won't know what to do or how to proceed. As above, start small, work thru the tutorials, understand them then go back & use that knowledge to make smaller changes to see if you can do it & what differences they make.
    All the stuff in the tutorials will be useful for your game e.g. Instantiating, destroying, on click & key input instructions etc
  4. sadsack


    May 27, 2015
    the learn(live) is the best place to start. I think just about every thing you need will be there. The video may not be their right now,
    I think they are getting ready to update them. Ok I checked they are back........................ here is the address to goto

    good luck, you are going to need it with the mind frame that you are in.
  5. Grunt82


    Jul 25, 2015
    thx for the help everyone

    i made the game more or less all about the coding with no moving parts to try and keep it simple (or at least cut down on the bits i have to learn) i was probably over stating the amount of learning i dont want to do, i understand i'll have to run through tutorials and code different stuff to learn i just like to know what that gets me in regards to the game when i make it. as i said this is hobby for me not a full time commitment i'll enjoy learning / making it. i dont expect it to be short or easy but i'll enjoy the process none the less i think