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Looking For Contributor 2d ninja artist needed to join our amazing team

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by Max_power1965, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Max_power1965


    Oct 31, 2013
    Hello guys, before I go into the job details, let me tell you who we are. My name is Marco Mignano, I’m a software engineer and to cut a long story short, I quit my job to follow my dream of making amazing games. Last year, my colleague Romeo also quit his job to follow me in this exciting journey and so we founded Gladio Games.

    But we knew that to make outstanding games we also needed some other skills, so in the last few years we have been studying game design and marketing.

    I must say that we are delighted with the result, since last year our last game hit the top 10 in the puzzle category on the play store.

    Ah, we are happy to say that 4 months ago Andrea joined the team, he is an amazing UX ninja!

    Despite the growing numbers, we still can’t afford to pay a collaborator but we are happy to have you join the team and divide all the revenues equally.

    We just wanted to let you know with this intro that we take things really seriously since we are dedicating our lives to the process of making amazing games, and we expect you to take this opportunity with the same passion.

    Now let me tell you more about what we are offering:
    1. We will divide all the revenues equally from the game that we will make together.
    2. You will join a wonderful team and have the opportunity to make incredible games together.
    3. You will be your own boss and decide how to organize your daily schedule.

    What you will do:
    1. Take the UX flow and turn it into amazing graphic design.
    2. You will be in charge of the aesthetics of the game and the visual experience.
    3. Design all the game assets.
    4. Design the icons and screens that will be used in the app/google play stores.
    5. Give your feedback on how to improve the game ( we are looking for someone with an incredible passion about game making)
    6. You will work on mobile casual games.

    1. Export the screen on Zeplin.
    2. Passion for games.
    3. Someone who takes this job very seriously.
    4. Previous experience in design mobile games is a plus.
    5. Having at least 4hrs a day to dedicate to the project.
    6. Reading game documentation.

    Trust: trust is the most important part when working in a team, so to leave any doubt we will sign a contract together so you’ll be 100% sure that we are taking things seriously.

    About the game: We are making a mobile casual game and we will be happy to hand you the GDD (Game design document) once we have selected the best candidate.

    Please send your CV and cover letter to this email address: