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Feedback 2D Light - My Feedback on Bugs, UX, etc.

Discussion in '2D Experimental Preview' started by BTStone, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. BTStone


    Mar 10, 2012
    Hey there,
    so since the Topic here: (

    gets pretty convoluted I'd like to start my own topic with feedback which I'll revisit and post new bugs/nitpicks about the 2D Lights.

    Here we go.

    1) Setup
    Setting up support for 2D Lights with installing LWRP is pretty simple, no issues there with Unity 2019.2beta

    BUT! I tried to do the same with Unity 2019.3 Alpha and apparently there are lots of issues with the Packages in that version. When I install the LWRP in 19.3.0a8 I immediately get this error:
    Library/PackageCache/com.unity.render-pipelines.lightweight@6.9.0/Runtime/LightweightRenderPipeline.cs(135,46): error CS0122: 'VFXManager' is inaccessible due to its protection level

    Then I installed the Visual Effects Graph Package and got over 100 Compiler Errors after installation, so there's that.

    2) Bugs

    - This bug reported here in May is still present:



    I created a BugReport with this issue, it's Case 1171220.

    3) UX and Issues

    - General:
    So when creating the LWRP-Asset and setting up the 2D Renderer with the custom 2D Renderer Data File ALL the future added sprites in a scene are set with that very Sprites-Lit-Default Material. And this leads to the fact, that ALL sprites kind of demand a light source to be...lit. That's fine, but is there any specific reason this can't be turned off with that little Light-Button within the SceneView?
    Have a look at this:


    As you see that Light-Icon next to "Shaded" and next to "2D" is toggled on which implies like with 3D Lights that the Scene-View also previews the Lights. But apparently this does not work with 2D Lights:

    If this is a bug please fix it, if this is by design: why? Working in the "dark" is a bit of pain in the ass ;)
    Oh and I know I can set a 2D Global Light and set the Intensity to quasi-mimic that feature, but therefore I have to make that GameObject and always select when I want to enable/disable that feature.
    And if you are adamant about that it's a design decision and won't be changed at least remove that icon from the toolbar when we work with a 2D Renderer, since it implies a functionality which doesn't exist :)

    - Freeform Light
    The very same issue as with SpriteShapes. When deleting a nodepoint I have to hit (on a Mac) cmd+Delete which really shouldn't be the shortcut to delete a nodepoint, is there a specific reason it can't be alt+Delete or just Delete or while holding Shift? The reason this should be changed: cmd+Delete is also used to delete selected GameObejcts.
    So in order to minimize the chance that you delete the GameObject instead of a nodepoint I think that should be changed. Especially since the Shortcuts aren't consistent in their design. cmd+Delete deletes single nodepoints, but cmd+c/cmd+v copy pastes the entire Light-GameObject instead of copy/pasting that single nodepoint (same goes for cmd+D)

    That's it so far, going to fool around with it further. Of course I can't forget to say how great that package is overall, really looking forward what you folks are going to make/add in the future with 2D Lights and the whole 2D Suite in general, kisses and hugs to the whole team :)

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  2. yuanxing_cai


    Unity Technologies

    Sep 26, 2014
    Thanks for the feedback! Notes are taken for the issues you mentioned.

    As for the scene view lighting toggle button, it's a thing from the past and its implementation is... not nice, to say the least. So we're probably not going to fiddle with that button for 2D lights. That being said, I get your desire to be able to quickly toggle 2D lighting on and off. I think the correct way to handle this is to implemented proper debug views for the 2D renderer, for which we did some early prototypes during our internal Hackweek event. So stay tuned.
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  3. BTStone


    Mar 10, 2012
    Hey @yuanxing_cai , thanks for the reply!
    Yeah, it would be really great if you would have a solution for switching 2D lights on/off, looking forward to it.