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2d Game Kit Tutorials not working

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by MordragT, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. MordragT


    Mar 21, 2014
    Hey there,
    i wanted to do some tutorials but when i open the 2d game kit i see no kit tools in the header bar.
    I thought maybe there is a bug in a new unity version but when i have only the lts version installed it says i need to download the current 2019.3.7.
    Someone maybe has a idea whats wrong here ?
  2. MordragT


    Mar 21, 2014
    Should say i am on linux after trying flatpak and now the aur i am unable to even download the learn material from the hub...
  3. 3DDS


    Sep 2, 2020
    I need HELP.
    Not sure if the problem is with the Editor, Player, Performance or Crash's just not working properly.

    Installed latest Unity 2020 v1.3, and 2D Game Kit; I'm following walkthru tutorial carefully, it's not working - first the components do not show up on screen, just bounding boxes, I found a button in tools that lights up scene, thanks for no heads up on that; Play game - screen goes black, cannot do anything;

    continued with walkthru tutorial, add more components into scene (separate ground tiles with moving paltform); Play again - screen goes black AGAIN, cannot do anything, except hear sound efx from keys "o" & "k"; press pause to see no character and moving platform in different positions in loop - that's all I can see;
    ...then installed 2 rapid updates of v1.4, and v1.6 within a week; project is unusable, started again with same results.

    I really need to know what to do so I can learn to create my own 2D game project!

    Do I need an older install of Unity??? I see that 2019 LTS is latest most stable version, should I have installed that instead?

    I see 2D Game Kit announces:
    "File size - 299.9 MB
    Latest version - 1.9.3
    Latest release date - Jul 21, 2020
    Support Unity versions - 2017.3.0 or higher"

    ...last post on 2D Game Kit page was back on Feb. 2018. Not a good sign.

    I have Dell XPS, Intel 8 quad core i7 processor @ 3.40GHz,12GB RAM, Nvidia GForce GT640 graphics card.
    Why doesn't this 2D Game Kit work with newest Unity version?
    What Unity version is recommended?
    Can I follow other (regular) Unity Learning tutorials? or are they exclusive to new Unity only? 2D only?
    I want to learn the 2D Game Kit's no coding workflow!!

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.