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2D 2D Environment/City Builder pack

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by PixelArtisan, Apr 1, 2021.


Modular(and some premade) or just premade?

  1. Modular + Premade

  2. Premade

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  1. PixelArtisan


    Jan 3, 2020
    Hey everyone, I am new here so I want to share with you something that I've been working for some time.
    At the moment I`ve made the following:
    • Windows and separate frames
    • Doors and separate frames
    • Seamless brick and concrete textures tiles (plus damaged types and concrete damaged plates that come on top of brick wall), seamless brick bridges
    • Building elements like plates, bars, seamless bars, decorative plates, pillars (with top and bottom separate because there are many more types), balcony pillars
    • Arches and roofs (seamless tiles plus some premade), glass domes
    • Clock tower elements (glass types, frames, clock faces and needles)
    • Boards & symbols (Wooden boards for signs, symbols like health store, tavern, port, lion, dragon, star, ammo , armory, smith etc) also letters & numbers and sign hangers
    • Lamps and stands separate (plus some light rays)
    • Gates & fences
    • Foliage (trees, bushes, grass, hanging moss)
    • Background (still working on it)
    • Some premade buildings

    In the screenshots I`ve put just a few for demonstration purposes, my question is if I should try and put on the asset store like this (modular building set + some premade buildings) or just simply put only premade things?
    Your feedback is very much appreciated, Thank you.


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