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Feedback 2023.1 new floating windows title bar - focus stealing floating windows is a pain!

Discussion in '2023.1 Beta' started by RoyBarina, May 4, 2023.

  1. RoyBarina


    Jul 3, 2017
    So someone brought into my attention that on 2023.1 beta there's a new title bar for floating windows which is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!

    So I tried it out and from my short impression of it I have a few issues with it.
    1. When I minimize\maximize the main window, all other floating windows are min\maximized too.
    2. When it's minimized, only the main windows is available in Windows task bar, all of the floating windows disappears.
    3. When clicking on the main window when there's a floating window obscures the main window, it won't "brought to front" and the floating window still obscure it.
    4. When focusing (clicking) on main window (or any floating window) everything is "brought into front" making it impossible to keep, lets say, a web browser opened with a tutorial on the other window when there's a floating window there.
    5. When there are 2 (or more) floating windows on one monitor, using the taskbar to focus on the one that's obscured by the other, won't "bring it to front" and the other floating window still obscure it.
    6. When dragging some object from one window to another, that window steals focus and "brought to front" as soon as the mouse enters it. this is bad if you aim to drop the object on a floating window that obscures a bigger floating window behind it. that window will be "brought to front" before you reach the desired floating window.
    7. This is more like an issue.. it looks like sometime Windows (maybe? idk) is confused about which floating window belong to which monitor and sometimes a floating window appears on the task bar of the left monitor even when it actually on the right monitor..
    Most of the issues here are also applied for much earlier versions, maybe right after floating windows was a thing. including the LTS versions which I daily use.
    I hope this thing (along with fixes for the above issue?) will be back ported to LTS versions but I doubt..

    Please, Unity, ditch that "focus stealing" and "brought to front" annoying behaviors on floating windows altogether! it's a pain on multi monitor setup.
    I wished it to be more like Blender when you open new windows using "Window > New Main Window".

    Many thanks!
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