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2018.30b12 Terrain Seam Bug

Discussion in '2018.3 Beta' started by foster_991, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. foster_991


    Nov 17, 2018
    Terrain broken 2018.30b12 - has huge seam between them (visible gap) when height set with brush
    More info:
    To recreate- terrains create with 'Create Neighbor Terrains', all have the same Terrain grouping ID (1). Auto connect is checked and can click 'reconnect' to be sure. change height with set height or raise/lower to non-0 value across seam

    Screenshot in wireframe to show what the terrain editor is doing on scene save:
    (before is the smoothing between terrains I do. After is what it looks like when I save, no other action on my part)

    Initially looks smooth (ie normal) but corrupts on save (ignores the height mapping and changes the edge) creating a gap between texture items.

    I have played around and found that group id connect is working, you set a height on one edge and it flows over to the edge of its connected tile, so something is working. However, on save the edge may be modifies or tapered down
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  2. Peter77


    QA Jesus

    Jun 12, 2013
    Could you please submit a bug-report, including a project that Unity Technologies can use to reproduce the issue, as described in this document:

    After you submitted the bug-report, you receive a confirmation email with a bug-report Case number. Please post this Case number here (in this forum thread) for Unity staff to pick up.

    This issue can up earlier, but it seems UT was unable to reproduce the issue with the submitted test projects so far, see here.
  3. ChrisTchou


    Unity Technologies

    Apr 26, 2017
    This is caused by the height-map change tracking code being off by one pixel on the edges of the terrain, so it fails to serialize changes along the border. We have a fix in the pipeline; may take a week or two to get to the published version though.
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  4. transat


    May 5, 2018
    @ChrisTchou My terrain textures are no longer repeating seamlessly. Is it for the same reason?