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Bug 2018.1.6f5 - Inputfield.text gives double chars in Linux build (and no work around afaik)

Discussion in 'Linux Editor' started by Reizla, May 14, 2019.

  1. Reizla


    Nov 5, 2013
    I've posted part of this problem in already, but I can't get a work around of it.

    My code using any Inputfield.text in a Linux build results in a double input of the character/key pressed. The first character is the lower case of the pressed key, while the second is the actual character pressed.
    i.e. pressing 'a' would result in 'aa', pressing 'A' would result in 'aA' and pressing '@' would result in '2@'.

    Oddly enough, when I'm using Inputfield.text.Remove([Intpufield.text.Length-1]) to remove the last character inputed both the new results are wiped.

    Oddly enough, this issue is not there using Unity 5.6.3xf1. I have tried to copy the UnityEngine.UI.dll and UnityEngine.UI.dll.mdb files in the ./*_Data/Managed from the 5.6 version to the 2018.1 version (as well as other files in that directory), but with no success and/or complete failure to start the build.