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2017.2 VR to XR rename (scripts)

Discussion in '2017.2 Beta' started by jj-unity, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. jj-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Jan 4, 2017
    With today's release of 2017.2 beta 2, I wanted to point out one important area of the release notes:

    "Types in the UnityEngine.VR.* namespaces have been moved to UnityEngine.XR.* namespaces. Types such as VRSettings, VRDevice, VRNode, etc. have also been renamed to XRSettings, XRDevice, XRNode, etc. The API updater is configured to automatically update existing scripts and assemblies."
    Existing scripts should update automatically if you choose to use the API updater. Another option is to manually search for these types and namespaces and manually rename them.

    Please make sure you have a backup of your project before running the API updater!

    Folks with assets in the store that use these types and namespaces may want to upload a new version with the rename already in place.

    If anyone encounters issues with this rename or the API updater, please reply here and we'll look into it.

    Namespace changes:

    UnityEngine.VR -> UnityEngine.XR
    UnityEngine.VR.WSA -> UnityEngine.XR.WSA
    UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Input -> UnityEngine.XR.WSA.Input
    UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Persistence -> UnityEngine.XR.WSA.Persistence
    UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Sharing -> UnityEngine.XR.WSA.Sharing
    UnityEngine.VR.WSA.WebCam -> UnityEngine.XR.WSA.WebCam​

    UnityEngine.VR type changes:

    VRDevice -> XRDevice
    VRNodeState -> XRNodeState
    VRSettings -> XRSettings
    VRStats -> XRStats
    VRNode -> XRNode​

    All VR.* profiler entries have also been changed to XR.*.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.