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Looking For Contributor 1st Person Horror Game - Left 4 Dead style ()

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by SDTF, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. SDTF


    Sep 3, 2020

    My name is Dexter. I am a 3D artist and Unity programmer who has been making games for 3+ years. I currently have one published game under my belt called Virtua Mall -
    I am seeking a gameplay programmer to contribute to the functionality and mechanics of this new project so that I can focus more on the design aspects.

    Project Genre/Platform

    First Person Shooter Horror. We plan on releasing it on Mac, PC and PS4.


    The goal is to create a zombie apocalypse game similar to the Left for Dead series but with more focus on a linear campaign. The game takes place in a fictional New Orleans (where I live) and will mainly focus on the main character trying to escape the city after learning about a deadly virus turning people into zombies. Players will be able to go into houses and collect items that will help them take down zombies (Guns, Melee weapons, etc) as well as stay alive (health, food, etc) I want players to have a true horror experience that will force them to have to make decisions on the fly to evade danger, For Instance: collecting wood to board up doors and windows to keep Zombies out, or having to run and eventually hide from zombies in overwhelming situations.


    So far I have completed the main character design, Im in the middle of finishing the environment for a playable demo scene. I have created a zombie that will lay the groundwork for every NPC in the game. Each zombie is complete with a dismemberment script with culled out wound holes. I have created blood particles that instantiate at the hit point of raycast and a blood decal system the splatters onto walls if a zombie is shot near one.

    Gameplay footage -

    Immediate Need

    A gameplay programmer with advanced coding skills and knowledge of optimization willing to contribute to a really cool project!


    If your interested in working on this project email me