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0.2.10-preview now available in package manager

Discussion in 'New Input System' started by dougpunity3d, May 17, 2019.

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    Jul 11, 2018
    0.2.10-preview now available in package manager for use with 2019.1 and greater.

    [0.2.10-preview] - 2019-5-17
    • Added a MultiplayerEventSystem class, which allows you use multiple UI event systems to control different parts of the UI by different players.
    • InputSystemUIInputModule now lets you specify an InputActionAsset in the actionsAsset property. If this is set, the inspector will populate all actions from this asset. If you have a PlayerInput component on the same game object, referencing the same InputActionAsset, the PlayerInput component will keep the actions on the InputSystemUIInputModule in synch, allowing easy setup of multiplayer UI systems.
    • StickControl.x and StickControl.y are now deadzoned, i.e. have AxisDeadzone processors on them. This affects all gamepads and joysticks.
      • NOTE: The deadzoning is independent of the stick. Whereas the stack has a radial deadzones, x and y have linear deadzones. This means that leftStick.ReadValue().x is not necessary equal to leftStick.x.ReadValue().
      • This change also fixes the problem of noise from sticks not getting filtered out and causing devices such as the PS4 controller to constantly make itself Gamepad.current.
    • Redesigned UIActionInputModule
      • Added a button in the inspector to automatically assign actions from an input action asset based on commonly used action names.
      • Will now populate actions with useful defaults.
      • Removed clickSpeed property - will use native click counts from the OS where available instead.
      • Removed sendEventsWhenInBackground property.
      • Hiding Touches and TrackedDevices until we decide how to handle them.
      • Remove moveDeadzone property as it is made redundant by the action's dead zone.
      • Removed UIActionInputModuleEnabler component, UIActionInputModule will now enable itself.
    • Changed default button press point to 0.5.
    • Changed all constants in public API to match Unity naming conventions ("Constant" instead of "kConstant").
    • Changed namespace from UnityEngine.Experimental.Input to UnityEngine.InputSystem.
    • Generated wrapper code now has nicer formatting.
    • Renamed UIActionInputModule to InputSystemUIInputModule.
    • Nicer icons for InputActionAssets and InputActions and for Button and generic controls.
    • Change all public API using IntPtr to use unsafe pointer types instead.
    • PlayerInput will no longer disable any actions not in the currently active action map when disabling input or switching action maps.
    • Change some public fields into properties.
    • Input System project settings are now called "Input System Package" in the project window instead of "Input (NEW)".
    • Rename "Cancelled" -> "Canceled" (US spelling) in all APIs.
    • Adding devices to "Supported Devices" in input preferences not allowing to select certain device types (like "Gamepad").
    • Fixed scrolling in UIActionInputModule.
    • Fixed compiling the input system package in Unity 19.2 with ugui being moved to a package now.
    • In the Input System project settings window, you can no longer add a supported device twice.
    • Custom inspector for PlayerInput no longer adds duplicates of action events if Invoke Unity Events notification behavior is selected.
    • Fixed Hold interactions firing immediately before the duration has passed.
    • Fixed editing bindings or processors for InputAction fields in the inspector (Changes wouldn't persist before).
    • PlayerInput can now handle .inputactions assets that have no control schemes.
      • Will pair all devices mentioned by any of the bindings except if already paired to another player.
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